Welcome to Halikar's Hacienda!

I'll be the first to admit, there is not a heck of a lot to look at right now, but I made a promise that I'd have something up by the beginning of 2006. And here it is, 2006, so here is the start. But expect some rapid growth, as the content is in my head.

I'm sure all you visiting have lots of questions. Things like "What's going to be on this webpage?", "How often will it be updated?", "Why don't all these links work?", "What are you going to be selling?", to name a few. Most of the basic content, legalese, and top menu should be working within the next week. More detailed content will start appearing after that, but there will be more on that later. The sites update schedule will depend on a lot of factors, including my own schedule, inspiration, and you, dear reader. More on that later as well.

As for the store, I honestly have no idea. Almost everyone with a website is selling something to make ends meet, and I'll likely be no different. For the moment, my only thoughts are linking to any eBay auctions that will be going on, and something to do with the content here. Again, more on that later. (Yes, I know, it's annoying being repetative. I blame my kids. They've trained me well on repetative speaking.)

Also, just as a bit of a heads up, expect the sites look to change often at first. Part of doing this is so I can learn how to design websites beyond what I've learned in college, so I expect to be making and fixing a lot of mistakes. So one of my requests of you, oh reader, is let me know if you see something broken or something just looks awful. I really do want feedback, which is why there is that community link up there.

At any rate, welcome one and all, and may your visits here be enjoyable.